The Pit

A massive underground prison.

The Pit: A Vast underground prison stretching many miles beneath the surface of the earth. Prisoners are incarcerated by the Alabaster guard and forced through a large circular opening in the ground. This opening is heavily guarded. They descend (feather-falled) to a dimly lit cavern and the general population. The population of the pit is in the thousands. It is home to all manner of intelligent races, monstrous humanoids, and creatures that would naturally live in a subterranean environment

The Pit is maintained by a corrupt king/wizard/government/etc. The Merciful

The Pit is a vast underground prison, partially of magical design. Wards and Barriers

The Pit is escapable, but only by trying really hard. Escape

The Pit is Flooded every 999 years. Millennium Flood

The Pit is full of loosely organized Gangs

The Pit is ravaged by Disease

The Pit is home to several notable Personalities. Heroes and Villains

The Pit connects indirectly to the Underdark .

The Pit has limited supplies of Food and [[Drinking-Water]].

The Pit has very limited supplies of Equipment and [[Raw-Materials]].

The Pit is home to established Flora and Fauna.

The Pit

The Pit sarcadian