Heros and Villans and Personalities: Stat blocks for theses characters are to follow.


Jingles, hillgiant and leader of Da’Mob (lvl 4 rogue)

Bigg’Urt, Orc leader or the Yobz (Lvl 8 fighter)

Jeeki-Jeeki, Goblin leader of the Gitz ( lvl 3 nilbog rogue)

Grandpap’, leader of the Big Room Boys (lvl 13 bard)

Council of elders, Elder Dominic (Lvl 7 cleric), Elder Gifford (lvl 6 cleric), Elder Henry (lvl 7 cleric), Elder Feldon (lvl 6 cleric / lvl 2 fighter)

Mk’Ruff Gnoll (Lvl 5 ranger)

Stumps, Leader of the Knockers (lvl 7 expert/lvl 3 fighter)

Holly, Leader of the moss eaters (lvl 8 druid)

Face Eater, Leader of the Eaters (lvl 6 troll hunter*)

Bastidious Igman, leader of the Hands (lvl 6 wizard{necromancer})

Shine, Leader of the Delvers (lvl 5 paladin / 3 barbarian)

William The Merciless, leader of Billy’s Sword Gang (lvl 6 fighter/ lvl2 black guard)

Donathin Glix, Gnome inventor and craftsman. (lvl 10 expert, and one of the only self imprisoned denizens of The Pit)

“X”, The Royal Assassin of the kingdom, send to assassinate “The empty one” (lvl 9 rogue/lvl 8 assassin)

The empty one, once prince luscious’ personal bodyguard (lvl 17 monk)


The Pit sarcadian