*Gangs and Groups: Da’ Mob: gang comprised of orcs, goblin, gnolls and kobolds with assorted other humanoids. By far the largest, most loosly organized gang Lead by a hill giant. “Jingles”

Yobz: Orc gang containing only orcs and half-orcs. Lead by a ruthless orc. “Bigg’urt”

Gitz : Notorious thieving goblin gang. Lead by a Goblin rogue. “ Jeeki-Jeeki”

Grandpap’ and the Bigroom boys: A well organized group of Humans, Elves, Gnomes and Halflings that controls the “fall-down-room” and surrounding chambers. Lead by Grandpap’ a one legged , one armed, one eyed, one toothed , one-hundred year old Human bard.

The Faithful: Good clerics on bad times, they have set up a multi denominational church cave Elysium, carving symbols into stone and making basic statuary they do their best to heal and treat the sick and keep faith. Lead by a council of elder clerics.

Dog-boys: a bumbling pack of Gnolls. Lead by “M’kruff -The crime dog” a cunning female ranger. Pack members include “Dogmarrf” druid/fighter. Rastas the rogue, Bew the fighter, T’boy fighter, and Crak-curs the sorcerer. Buddi a barbarian.

Knockers: Dwarven make-shift clan, operate a forge when possible (rarely). Second largest gang in the pit. Lead by “Stumps” AKA: Gutrock Quarrykicker

Moss-Eaters: Elf gang, concentrating on horticulture-subterra. Lead by a druid “ Holly”

Moss-Eater-Eaters: Ogre lead gang of evil large monsterous humanoids. Also known as (insert gang name here Eaters”. Lead by “Face-Eater” cunning Troll with no respect for anything and a tremendous hunger for humanoids.

The Hands: A cult of mainly humans and elves. New members of the cult have one arm cut off, veteran members have an additional arm grafted on their torso. Lead by a vile necromancer “Bastidious Igman”

The Delvers : a multi race group dedicated to exploring and mapping the pit. Paladins seem drawn to this group. Lead by a half elf paladin “Shine”

Billy’s Sword gang: A group of humans that has gathered around a charismatic and skillful human knight, who has somehow come into possession of a fiery bastard sword. Lead by “William The Merciless”


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