The Pit: A grim fantasy setting suitable for D20 system.

The Pit is a campaign setting for low to mid level characters. It is likely to have a higher than average character mortality occurrence, thusly is more suited to experienced players who are up for a challenge. Character death is a reality in any RPG and can be avoided at the discretion of the GM. The Pit, offers many opportunities for new characters to be introduced to the story-line, and replacing player-characters with other player characters is encouraged, rather than “softening the atmosphere” to let doomed characters live on. This being said, there should be ample opportunity for the characters to escape harm, defeat enemies, win the day.


The princedom of Elkinridge has long been known as one of the most peaceful and cooperative allies to all neighboring nations. A safe and lawful land, encouraging commerce by dutifully protecting the dedicated, walled trade-routes, the caravans that travel them and the coastal waters under its protective watch. Most travelers will pass the length of the kingdom seeing only one city, Compassion.

The Pit